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Here are some random pictures taken on Kayla's cell phone.

Right now I just a few pictures online, but come back often, Kayla sends my pictures all the time from her phone, I'll start posting the ones I like.

Having a Pit-Fit on my feet.

Sitting, good girl.

My 2000 SVT F-150 Lightning

At 13 months, this is how she Heels.

Look, a 51 pound lap dog.

Getting better with Heel.

Finally got it right!

What a softy.

What's not to love about a face like that.

Hummm, leg.

Kayla and I at my Buddy's Wedding.

Kayla at work.

Aparently that's what I look like jamming.

Looking at the Mirror.

Me going crazy at work.

Am I singing?

I like my yellow shorts.

Stupid cats, they were Rogers.

Visiting me at work.

Teaching the Young Marines.

I do a lot of work with the Young Marines.


Last updated 05 Oct '05.