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A summory of myself.

Yup, that’s me right their, good looking huh?  Runs in the family.  The picture was taken in July '05 at a friends wedding.  I quit smoking not long after that.  I feel so much better now.  So what about me?  Well, I joined the Unites States Marine Corps back in August '99, I'm a Brown Belt in the Marine Corps Close Hand Combat Martial Arts, I play guitar, I have a thing for Tigers but I'm a dog person, got a APBT, I love cars, very into racing, I asked my girl friend to merry me last April, and anything that I do, I have to be the best at it, or at least I think I am.

Well, now thats break that down into some detail shall we.

I am originally from Wisconsin, (yea it's cold up their) but when I joined the Marine Corps I went all over the place.  I am stationed in MCAS Cherry Point, NC.  Some of the places I have bean to...  SC, NC, VA, FL, AZ, AK, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Turkey, Spain, Germany, Iraq, Syria, Portugal, and Ireland.  Those are just places that the Marine Corps as taken me.

I have played guitar ever since I was 11 or 12.  My first guitar was my Step Mother's.  Penny let me play it one night, it had rusted strings, it was old and dirty, out of tune, and I couldn't play a note to save my life, but I had a blast, she never got it back.  I have several guitars now, electric and acoustic, my favorite is my '67 Teska Del Ray, it's a collector item now.  My rarest, is a Jay Turser Custom, and the one I use most of the time is my Gibson Les Paul.  I play almost anything out there, but I guess my genre is rock.  I have several of my own songs too, including some with both Music and Lyrics.  But I really just like to jam it out loud and fast, what ever pops in my brain-housing unit.

Now my “thing” for Tigers, well if you ask anyone who has seen my house, they will tell you it’s more of an obsession.  There the King of the Jungle, well, what’s left of it.  Now even though I like Tigers, I am really a dog person.  Some of my first memories are of dogs, Gypsy and Sheba.  Gypsy was the first dog I remember, they were my Fathers, Gypsy a Beagle, and Sheba was a Wolf Dog.  We have had several other in the past, but currently my Father has a big burly German Wired Haired Short Tail Pointer (long name huh) named Saysha.  I have an American Pit Bull named Kara.  Man is she ever a Buff Dog, she is only 14 months old and weighs 51 lbs!  I haven’t even started working her out yet.  When she gets to 16 months, (that’s adult for Pit Bulls) I will start really training her.  I have already built a Spring Pole in the back yard that she toys with, but I want to get her on weight pulling and running.  She as a APBT is very loving, and craves to please and for attention.  Kara has tons of energy, and is always ready to work. (play to her)  She does not get along with other dogs at ALL!  So we will just have to wait for a while and really socialize her before I can get a stud to breed her.

I love driving, almost as much as I do Tigers.  I just got rid of my Mustang.  I currently have a 2003 Ford SVT Focus.  I know what your thinking, from a Mustang to a 4-banger front drive itty bitty FOCUS of all cars?  Man those Foci are ugly, and yes they are, but the SVT Focus, now that’s a 2.0 Front Drive, 6 speed, superb handling, mean looking car.  Stock it ran a 15.2 ET, but now, mine does it in less than 13 seconds.  Yea that’s right, I have a 12 second, 299 fwhp, Focus.  Bring it on Camaro, Corvette, Mustang, Firebird, Trans-am, and as far as imports are concerned, you better be damn fast if you want to try to pull on me.  I have spent a LOT of money under the hood of that car, chassis too.  To make a long list short, coil-overs, internals, custom exhaust, some bolt ons, and of course the H.O. Supercharger and new computer.  Depending on fuel, temp, tires, and track, I run the quarter in 12.36 to 13.50.  The eighth I only run 8s because it is hard to hook up with a near 300 hp front wheel drive car.  I have never ran slicks on the eighth, but I’m sure that my time would drop dramatically.  By the way, I was building a motor for my mustang, it is a rebuilt 1985 302 H.O. bock, (rebuilt by Ramco) .40 over, GT-40 heads, Custom Ground Cams, (it will have a nice tha-tha-tha-thum-tha-thump-ta-ta-ta snap crackle and pop) 750cfm Holly Quadra jet, Ford Racing Mid-rise Intake, 1.7:1 roller rockers, forged high compression pistons, and so on.  It will some day be a 400 to 450 whp all motor 302.  I can’t sell it, I put too much into it, and I would lose around 6 grand!  But some day I will put it into my truck after it’s original blows.  It is a ’95 Ford F-150 Flare Side 302 with 140k miles on it.  Runs like a champ, and in the quarter will smoke my buddies ’86 Chevy Custom Built 350.  (But he does have a 11 sec Camaro that will chew up my Focus any day, that car is mean!  It ran 9’s when he got it, but since then he has made it streeable.)

Last April was a good month, I ask my girl friend Kayla to merry me. (of coarse she said “yes”, crazy)  It was perfect, she has only bean to the beach 2 times in her life, both with me, and one night I asked her to put something nice on because I wanted to dress up a bit. (We don’t get to go out much)  I took her out to the beach and onto the board walk, we walked to the end, then started back, just slowly walking and talking enjoying the soon to set sun.  When we got just about to the end I asked her if she wanted a picture of us together with the sunset in the back round, (she loves the sky, and the beach) So I took out my camera, (that I just happen to have with me) and asked a strange lady sitting on a bench if she would take our picture.  She agreed, I asked Kayla to stand “over their” on the rail, I should the Lady how to use the camera, took out the ring as I turned around, dropped on my knee, and they BOTH started crying, it was the classic shock and awe Marines are so well known for.  Nobody but my mother new it was coming.  You see, the ring I gave her was the same ring my father gave to my mother when he purposed to her.  Anyways, back to the story, the lady with the camera never missed a beet, she got all the right photos, me on the knee holding the ring, the look on Oh My God on Kayla’s face, me putting the ring on, me kissing her hand, us holding each other, and us kissing, it was perfect!  Wow, just thinking about it, I have never seen someone shake, and so nervous as Kayla was right then.  We got married soon after.  We are planning to go back to Wisconsin to have the “formal” wedding for our familes and us.  It is going to be great.



Soon to have information about my Family and Friends


Last updated 05 Oct '05.