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Welcome To My Home Page

Hey, how's it going?  I'm Lucas, and I built this web page so that my Family and Friends can easily stay in touch with me and see what is new with my life with out having to call or write.  So come on in and check it out.  Their are several different pages with a lot of different information on them

What's new on my sight.

Listed below are my most recent updates in the last 6 months or so. 

Date and a brief description of the update:

04 Oct '05 - Started Construction of my Web Page.
05 Oct '05 - Put some pictures on the Photo Page.
05 Oct '05 - Started working on the About Page.

Check back often, my web sight is under construction, so their will be many changes in the next couple of weeks.

Sight Navigation

Getting around is made real simple on my sight, no matter what page you are on, my links to the left of the screen will always be there.  So no having to click on the back button and losing information.

What's kewl on my sight.

Please take some time to sign my Guest Book, and defanitly check out some of the links I put in. 

Under Construction

This whole Web Sight is under construction; please give me some time to get it all up and running accordingly.  All errors will be corrected, and lots of new information and pictures will be added.  Enjoy, and Thanks for your time.

Enjoy my Web Sight.

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